Report on US Faculty Pay

According to the American Association of University Professors’ Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession, faculty pay is up 2.2. percent, or 1.4 percent adjusted for inflation. Yet faculty salaries remain much lower than many of those in the business world, and make up just a fraction of institutional expenditures. Read the InsideHiEd article here and access the report database searchable by institution, rank, state and more here. Look for the AAUP report here.

How Asia can Boost Productivity and Economic Growth

Growth in China and other parts of Asia will depend on skills training, more process mechanization, and better resource use, says McKinsey director Jonathan Woetzel.

“Helping people become more professional and more skilled, whether we’re talking about manufacturing industries and food processing, which can in turn lead to better quality for urban citizens through food safety, or we’re talking about services, and simply delivering professional services on time at a quality that people expect—these are all great opportunities to increase the productivity of Asian society and its economy. That’s where the real challenge and opportunity lies for Asia.”

Read and download the McKinsey interview here.

10 Signs You Are a Leader and Don’t Even Know It!

19H (1)Found it awesome, from Do you know people who have these qualities?

  1. You are approachable.

  2. You maintain a smile, even when it is difficult.

  3. You have a open mind.

  4. You are straight forward.

  5. You are responsible, even though you don’t want to be.

  6. You treat everyone equally despite how you feel.

  7. You are confident but are never afraid to ask for help or support.

  8. You find the silver lining, even in the worst situations.

  9. You help others without expecting anything in return.

  10. You genuinely care about how others are feeling.

SetUP a Conference Call from your Phone (App)

AnyMeeting Sets Up Conference Calls in Minutes with One Email

AnyMeeting – Just CC them on an email or calendar invite, and it replies with call info and link to join, right from your phone. All you need to do is CC on your next email, or CC them on the calendar appointment for the meeting. Anymeeting will handle the rest, and email all of you back with a dial-in number, a passcode, and, if you’re on your phone already, a button to tap to join the call automatically.