How Government Can Promote Open Data & Unleash $3 Trillion

Screenshot 2014-04-07 14.13.05 (2)By opening data, the government can unleash over $3 trillion in economic value.

According to this McKinsey article “the sources of value from open data identified in the report include new or increased revenue, savings, and economic surplus in seven domains: consumer finance, consumer products, education, electricity, health care, oil and gas, and transportation” for decision-making, new offerings and for accountability. This, of course, means that big data strategies need to be in place.


The 3 Most Important Job Interview Questions

According to Bernard Marr, interviewers are looking to answer these questions although they may not necessarily be asked literally.

  1. Have you got the skills, expertise and experience to perform the job?
  2. Are you enthusiastic and interested in the job and the company?
  3. Will you fit into the team, culture and company?

Marr discusses what’s behind these questions. Good reference for graduates seeking jobs.