Tsinghua University-Beijing IIDEA Workshop Held

With more than 80 professors, deans and government officials from various provinces in China, the first IIDEA workshops were held in Beijing May 30-31st 2011. The event was expertly organized by the Tsinghua University (TU) Center for Engineering Education (CEE) and the Institute of Higher Education, and, the Chinese Engineering Education Society and hosted by IFEES Vice President, Dr. YU Shouwen. Mathworks supported and actively participated in the workshops.

Two one (1) day workshops titled Learning Environments: Bridging the Gap between How We Teach and the Practice of Engineering offered by John S. Lamancusa and Lueny Morell, and Project and Problem Based Learning offered by Erik DeGraaf and Anette Kolmos.  Through presentations and active learning exercises, participants learned about challenges of engineering education in the 21st century and the need to reach out to industry and enterprises to better respond to their needs. They also learned the basics of curriculum innovation, learning and teaching styles and problem/project based learning.

A brainstorming and discussion meeting was held the day after the workshops to discuss collaborative and partnerships opportunities to support China’s quest to reform engineering education to support their economic development.

For more information IIDEA Workshops Beijing Summary- FINAL or visit www.iideainstitute.org

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