Why They Chose STEM (Sci, Tech, Eng, Math)


Inside Higher Ed (9/7, Nelson) reports, “Most college students studying for degrees in science, technology, engineering or math make the decision to do so in high school or before — but only 20 percent say they feel that their education before college prepared them ‘extremely well’ for those fields, according to a survey released today by Microsoft and polling company Harris Interactive.” The study found that “sixty-six percent of students, and 76 percent of parents of K-12 students, agreed that the US is doing ‘a poor job’ of teaching STEM subjects compared to other countries.” However, “despite the dissatisfaction with K-12 education, only 31 percent of college students said a good science education before college was ‘absolutely essential’ or ‘extremely important’ to college success. ‘Having a passion’ and ‘studying hard’ were the two factors most frequently cited as essential.”

For more information go to http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2011/09/07/survey_looks_at_college_students_and_parents_attitudes_toward_stem_subjects

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