Stanford University Proposes $2.5 Billion Engineering Campus In New York

From the ASEE Newsletter –

The New York Times (10/27, A28, Pérez-peña, Subscription Publication) reports, “Stanford University’s proposed graduate school of science on Roosevelt Island carries a $2.5 billion price tag, the university said Wednesday, more than double its estimate just weeks ago.” Yesterday, “Stanford said it had submitted its proposal to the city, two days ahead of the deadline, but in keeping with the city’s demands, the university did not make the 600-page document public and revealed only its outline. Its plan would include 1.9 million square feet of floor space, to be constructed over 30 years, and classes would begin in September 2013, in space provided by City College of New York.”

        Bloomberg News (10/27, Deprez) reports, “The university proposed beginning operations in 2013 through a partnership with the City College of New York, which would be its temporary home. Silicon Valley venture capitalists have indicated that they would follow Stanford to New York City, according to the university” officials. “A campus project might spin off 400 new companies and create more than 7,000 construction jobs and more than 22,000 permanent jobs in its first 30 years, Bloomberg said at the time.”

        Crain’s New York Business (10/27, Massey) reports, “Called StanfordNYC, the campus would be built out over 30 years and focus on graduate-level teaching and research in engineering, technology and entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on turning research into viable businesses. The academic program will initially focus on finance and media, industries where the city is already strong.” John Hennessy, the university’s president, said, “StanfordNYC has the potential to help catapult New York City into a leadership position in technology, to enhance its entrepreneurial endeavors and outcomes, diversify its economic base, enhance its talent pool, and help our nation maintain its global lead in science and technology.”

        The Huffington Post (10/27, Cohn) also covers the story.

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