Digging into Data Challenges Winners

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14 winners representing the U.S., Canada, Netherlands, and U.K., together will receive nearly $5 million in grants from NSF and others “to investigate how data processing, analysis, and transmission techniques can be applied to ‘big data’ to change the nature of humanities and social sciences research”.

Projects include:

  • ChartX (new ways of exploring the full text content of digital historical records)
  • DiggiCORE (analyze a vast set of Open Access research publications using Natural Language Processing and social network analysis methods to identify patterns in the behavior of research communities)
  • ISHER (digging into social unrest)
  • Trading Consequences (examine the economic and environmental consequences of commodity trading during the nineteenth century)

Digging Into Data Challenge  follows the key themes in the Mosaic Report that NSF published in early December which emphasizes ” interdisciplinary, data-intensive, and collaborative vision for the future of SBE research” and the need of new partnerships between social scientists and computer scientists.