Innovative City-University Program to Promote Innovation and New Tech Business Creation

Picked this piece of news from the ASEE Newsletter (

The AP (2/9) reports, “Arizona State University and the city of Chandler are converting a city building into a technology-innovation center. Officials envision that by 2015 up to 1,000 students a year could pass through the Chandler Innovation Center, with many of them coming from ASU’s Polytechnic campus in Mesa to work with local businesses on research projects.”

The Phoenix Business Journal (2/9, Gonzales, Subscription Publication) reports, “The Chandler Innovation Center will include multi-purpose engineering and technology learning studios and labs to support innovation and technology development. It will also provide access to ASU online courses and degrees with assisted learning.”

The Arizona Republic (2/8, Ryman) reported, “ASU also plans to launch a part-time engineering program on nights and weekends at the facility this fall, something the university currently does not offer.”