Gender equity in S&E might take 100 years

This Chronicle of Higher Ed article is worth reading… “The effect of children on women’s academic careers is so remarkable that it eclipses other factors in contributing to women’s underrepresentation in academic science”.

I gave birth to my two older children while going to grad school at Stanford and I was a 28 year old wife/mother when I started teaching. Being a mother was a first priority for me, so I thank my university that gave me tenure in spite of all the challenges that existed at the time (as well as my husband, my genes and my motivation to overcome all obstacles)… Otherwise, I would not be where I am right now. 

CHE – 100 years for gender equity in S&E Feb 16 2012

2 thoughts on “Gender equity in S&E might take 100 years

  1. Excellent article. Thanks for sharing it. I really enjoyed reading that. I have always admired you for your remarkable achievements and this reconfirms why we need more role models like you.


    • Thanks, Mohammad. There’s a long road ahead for women and this may require the efforts of many, especially the likes of you, who show concern about the small percentage of women in engineering.


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