US R&D Spending Declined in 2009 but Outpaced the Economy (NSF InfoBrief)

Spending on research and development conducted in the United States in 2009 totaled $400.5 billion (current dollars), somewhat below the 2008 level of $403.0 billion, although still well above the $377.0 billion spent in 2007. Although the level of total R&D dropped in 2009 by 0.6%, the depth of the decline was much less than the 2.5% decline in gross domestic product.

Business R&D performance grew on average at 6.3% annually from 2004 to 2009, outpacing the rates of growth of both U.S. R&D at 5.8% and GDP at 3.3%

For more details: NSF US R&D March 2012