The World Most Competitive Cities

The Economist Intelligence Unite (EIU) and Citi (formerly Citibank) just released a report on the world’s most ‘competitive cities’. Not surprisingly, one of the findings is that the most important advantage for developing country cities is their ability to develop and attract talent. Other findings include NYC ranked fourth and Paris as the top European city (22nd place), while Tianjin is highligjhed in the report Hot Spots as economically the strongest city in the world. The findings of the survey are thought to be useful to the financial sector but less so to manufacturers. Here’s the list (more at Most Competitive Cities- MetroNews March 12 2012):

1) New York City 2) London 3) Singapore =4) Paris =4) Hong Kong 6) Tokyo 7) Zurich 8) Washington 9) Chicago 10) Boston 11) Frankfurt 12) Toronto =13) San Francisco =13) Geneva 15) Sydney 16) Melbourne 17) Amsterdam 18) Vancouver 19) Los Angeles =20) Stockholm =20) Seoul