College, Inc. = Accelerating Innovation @ Univ of Michigan

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Collaboration and multidisciplinarity to augment and accelerate reserch and development.

The Washington Post (5/9, De Vise) “College Inc.” blog reported, “A team of University of Michigan professors have created a new model for funding academic research that potentially eliminates months of delay from when an idea is born till the money arrives to put it in play. They hope the rapid-funding approach will help their peers at Michigan compete in an increasingly fast-paced research community.”

        Inside Higher Ed (5/10) reports, “When three faculty members decide to ‘cube’ their tokens and work together on a project, they will receive — on a first-come, first-served basis — $60,000 to hire one graduate student, undergraduate student, or postdoctoral researcher to begin work on the idea. Thirty faculty members could cube together and get funds for 10 such positions. The idea is to let researchers quickly move toward testing their projects, rather than going through the long peer review process to receive an initial planning grant. Michigan officials hope these ‘cubed’ grants will let researchers move quickly into position to apply for much larger outside grants.”

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