Improving Undergraduate Engineering/Science/Math Teaching

A US National Research Council Report on discipline based research shows what works to improve science, engineering and math undergraduate education, but points that findings have not yet prompted widespread changes in teaching practice. 

What would it take to change how we teach engineering and science? To me, this is the most  critical issue to increase both the interest in and the retention of students in SMET disciplines! We know the problem, we understand the solution… What is keeping us? In spite of decades of individual investments, the issue will not be solved unless all stakeholders (government, industry and universities)  join efforts, ideas and resources.

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2 thoughts on “Improving Undergraduate Engineering/Science/Math Teaching

  1. I think the translation from research to practice breaks down at a number of points, as you mention. In particular for tertiary-level STEM professors, I don’t think there is a lot of exposure to some of the major findings in education research. In addition, the resources to support professors changing their curricula and their established teaching practices are often not present. A new impediment that I am finding, though, is that there is a resistance on the part of some STEM professors to recognize education research as a viable source of new knowledge. That needs to change.


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