Information Forensics and Security – Opportunity to Submit Papers

This invitation comes from my HP Labs colleague (an editor of this special issue) Bill Horne.

Please consider submitting something to the following Special Issue of the IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security. Example topics include but are not limited to:

Privacy Enhanced Technology: privacy preserving data mining, publishing, and disclosure;  access control, anonymity, audit, and authentication; applied cryptography, cryptanalysis,  and digital signatures in PET; abuse cases and threat modeling; theoretical models and  formal methods; application of physical security for privacy enhancement.

* Trust and Reputation Management: trust management architectures and trust models; quantitative metrics and computation; security of trust management protocols/systems;  evaluation and test bed; trust related privacy enhancement solutions.

* Privacy and Trust in Emerging Complex Systems including: social networking; cloud  computing; power grid systems; sensor networks; Internet of Things; multimedia surveillance networks.

* Other Related Topics such as trust and privacy policies; human factors and usability; censorship; economics of trust and privacy; behavior modeling.

 For submission criteria and procedure go to