New from the National Academies – Computing Research for Sustainability Report (free download)

It’s been awhile since I posted a blog… Been giving workshops on engineering curriculum innovation, building and sustaining industry- academic partnerships and accreditation in India and China. Big things happening in these (and other countries) to enhance the primary building block in knowledge economies.

Now to business. This recently published report from the US National Academies presents a broad and growing literature describes the deep and multidisciplinary nature of the sustainability challenges faced by the United States and the world. The report confirms what some already know:  that “IT is at the heart of nearly every large-scale socioeconomic system-including systems for finance, manufacturing, and the generation and distribution of energy-and so sustainability-focused changes in those systems are inextricably linked with advances in IT.”

A must have/read report that includes the following recommendations and principles:

(1) the relevance of IT and CS to sustainability; (2) the value of the CS approach to problem solving, particularly as it pertains to sustainability challenges; (3) key CS research areas; and (4) strategy and pragmatic approaches for CS research on sustainability.

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