Request to Conduct Workshops in Kazakshtan on Information Security, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Systems

My colleague and good friend, Dr. Krishna Vedula, Director of the Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE) and Dean Emeritus at the University of Massachussetts at Lowell, has asked me to share this opportunity.  IUCEE is now expanding into Kazakhstan (now KIUCEE). 

KIUCEE invites interested US faculty who are experts in the relevant field to respond to this request to conduct workshops on “CURRENT ISSUES OF INFORMATION SECURITY, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND ROBOTIC SYSTEMS”  in Kazakhstan in the second half of January, 2013

Interested faculty need to respond before Monday, Nov 26, 2012, along with a CV. They also need to indicate what dates are not possible in the second half of January 2013. Please send inquiries and information directly to Krishna Vedula (

One 3-day workshop on each of following areas is to be conducted by one US faculty expert for each area:

  1. Topical Information Security Issues
  2. Topical Issues of Artificial Intelligence
  3. Topical Issues in the field of Robotic Systems

 Dates: Second half of January, 2013

Location: KAZNU (Al Farabi Kazakh National University) at Almaty, Kazakhstan

Audience: Faculty and staff from Universities in Kazakhstan

Objective: Professional development for faculty: to learn new technologies; to learn to integrate teaching with research in these areas; as well as to find niche areas for own research in these fields.

The potential US expert professor should have established research and teaching record in the field. The following financial remuneration is offered by host KazNU:

  • economy class air ticket (around 2000 USD);
  • entry visa (max. 200 USD);
  • accommodation in the University hotel;
  • payment for the workshop 140 USD per hour (6 hours *3 days) = 2520 USD
  • subsistence expenses (40 USD per a day);

Total sum is  4840 USD including VAT rates of 10%