The World in 2060 – an OECD Forecast

This Economist article shares OECD’s projections for 2060 of GDP per person (at constant purchasing-power parities). The predictions show the impact of fast catch-up growth in underdeveloped countries with big populations. Highlights:

  • Economic power will tilt even more decisively away from the rich world than many realise.
  • In 2011 the current membership of the OECD made up 65% of global output, compared with a combined 24% for China and India.
  • By 2060 the two Asian giants will have a 46% share of world GDP, the OECD members a shrunken 42%.
  • India’s economy will be a bit bigger than America’s, China’s a lot.
  • Americans will increase their lead over the citizens of some developed countries like France and Italy.|newe|11-9-2012|4102013|38085276|NA