iPodia – Another MOOC, But this Time, Global

USC Dean of Engineering Yannis Yortsis describes this new MOOC: “It is global engineering education in a classroom to which access is enabled through technology.”

The iPodia Alliance, which is a global partnership between the engineering schools at USC, Peking University, National Taiwan University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, India Institute of Technology in Mumbai, Technion Israel Institute of Technology and RWTH Aachen University in Germany. In this alliance, the respective universities contribute students, instructors and course material. Interactivity, teams of peers, no exchange of funds or tuition and fees (hence no financial motive), and modern pedagogy make iPodia different than other, current experiments in distance learning, such as MOOC (Massive On-Line Open Courseware) or the EdX initiative. The attached report provides iPodia.viterbi.usc a brief explanation of the program.

2 thoughts on “iPodia – Another MOOC, But this Time, Global

  1. As far as I can see, this is not a MOOC… In the referred document Yannis explains that iPodia is very different of a MOOC. Anyway this is very interesting, but much more expensive than other similar solutions.


  2. iPodia is related to, but different from, MOOC. Rather than opening the courseware of a few universities, iPodia tries to open (i.e., link) the classrooms of multiple campuses across the physical, institutional, and cultural boundaries. Unlike traditional distance education approaches where IT is used to enlarge the delivery distance between teachers and students, iPodia is a no-distance education paradigm where IT is employed to eliminate the distance between remote learners. iPodia adds additional screens and camera in traditional distance education classrooms over the Internet and is not much more expensive than those traditional eLearning solutions.


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