Report Cites the Importance of R&D as Driving Force for New Industries and Jobs (from CHE)

As President Obama and lawmakers argued about the budget, a White House advisory panel (President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology) issued a 124-page report repeating the advice of spending more money on scientific research, and doing it more wisely, this time with another dose of urgency. One of the reasons for the US decline in R&D investments stated in the report is that traditional corporate research labs have dissappeard (not @ HP!).

“The United States “risks losing its leadership in invention and discovery—the driving force behind the creationg of new industries and jobs that have propelled the U.S. economy over the past century.”

The report addresses the two objectives of (1) enhancing long-range U.S. investment in basic and early-stage applied research and (2) reducing the barriers to the transformation of the results of that research into new products, in-dustries, and jobs.

In my view, I think the US would be more effecitve and efficient if R&D partnerships between universities, industry and government research labsmwould be supported, as other countries do. Increasing investments in universities only will not be enough.

CHE – Centrality of Research Nov 30 2012

2 thoughts on “Report Cites the Importance of R&D as Driving Force for New Industries and Jobs (from CHE)

  1. Lueny:
    I edit a magazine for DuPont Pioneer. We’re interested in a commentary (500 words) on the need for R&D investment and continued innovation. This applies to agriculture as well as the broader business world. Could you help with such a commentary or at least help me locate someone willing to write one? Thanks for any help you can offer.
    Alan Bell, 913-766-3624


    • Hello Allan,
      I’d be happy to write a short paragraph. Can you send me a copy of previous editions of the magazine to review its contents? By when do you need the contribution? I am quite busy these days, but perhaps later this month I can work on it. Thanks for the invitation.


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