Defining “internationalization” (CHE)

For some regions/countries it means synchronizing countries’ university-degree systems and internationalizing the curriculum. For others it means the bringing in foreign students and sending students overseas, and, the recruitment of foreign faculty. According to the author of this article in the US internationalization means studying abroad and the establishment of high-profile branch campuses; and in Britain, the international focus has been centered on the recruitment of overseas students (now increasingly turning to business and research links).

What is your definition?

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One thought on “Defining “internationalization” (CHE)

  1. Internationalization is understanding and occurring the knowledge about the system and processes in higher education in the other countries and incorporate the suitable best practices in the home country

    Caution : We should not internationalized the problems which occur during the incorporation.
    That is we should not think that all the mistakes happened are due to our self

    With regards,
    Prof AN Parameswaran
    Dean- IIIC
    SRM University


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