Experiential Learning, or…

problem-based learning, or project-based learning, or, hands-on learning…

More and more universities are promoting hands-on, multi-disciplinary learning experiences that balance knowledge with skills development to better prepare students for jobs. My colleagues and I have been promoting this kind of learning since the late ’90s… I am so glad that finally it looks that universities are transforming their curricula and learning experiences to bridge the gap between how we teach and how engineering is practiced.

Take a look at our workshops descriptions here.

From US News. http://www.usnews.com/education/best-graduate-schools/articles/2013/03/14/revamped-engineering-programs-emphasize-real-world-problem-solving

3 thoughts on “Experiential Learning, or…

  1. Querida Lueny: Cmo van tus cosas? Espero que bien. Me gustara hablar contigo un da de estos para analizar la posibilidad de dictar este workshop aqu en la UP. Adems tambin quisiera hablar sobre un tema del IFEES. Por favor dime tu disponibilidad para hablar en la semana del 29. Un abrazo Uriel


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