Why so few women in Computer Science? A Stanford senior’s perception

Sarah Sterman (Senior in CS, Stanford) looks into why relatively few girls get interested in  her field and finds that the stories we tell about tech are a big part of the  problem.

“News and media play up certain stories about computer science — the guy coding  alone in a college dorm room, all-nighters fueled by pizza and caffeine.   The missing link is  for girls to see themselves as part of the story, to see computer science as an  option for people like them.”

And I would add, people (especially women), need to see the “why, what, how and whom”. In other words, in my experience, understand the answers to questions among these: Why should I consider CS as a career? What opportunities do I have to make a difference? How can I help? Who needs my contribution?
Read more at http://www.women2.com/why-are-there-so-few-girls-in-tech-blame-the-narrative/#KkKMKSzrH0SjXWkq.99

Read more at http://www.women2.com/why-are-there-so-few-girls-in-tech-blame-the-narrative/#KkKMKSzrH0SjXWkq.99

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