Can Ethics Be Taught?

This Washington Post blog is worth reading, especially by those of us in higher education who thrive to develop ethical behavior in our students.

“Research on “motivated cognition” increasingly suggests that our reasoning abilities evolved not to help us find the truth but to help us influence other people. That’s why people can be so bad at solving simple logic problems, yet resourceful and eloquent when they argue for a self-serving position.”

“You’ve got to make ethical behavior automatic and habitual, and you can’t do that with a series of lectures…”


4 thoughts on “Can Ethics Be Taught?

  1. Lueny,

    This is outstanding! I believe his elephant-rider metaphor explains a lot more about human behavior than just how ethical someone is.



  2. Good one Lueny. Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you and your near & dear great 2014 !

    Regards… Nagarjuna

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