What an Ethical Culture Is (& Is Not)

These two lists (positive & negative) make a lot of sense to me! http://www.ethicalsystems.org/content/what-ethical-culture-and-isnt

Common-sense list of five attributes:

  1. A commitment to doing the right thing.
  2. Clear standards.
  3. Organizational values put into action (by leaders and employees).
  4. Accountability.
  5. Open communications up, across and down the organization.

The features an ethical culture lacks:

  1. Short-term thinking
  2. Weak employee identification with the company, its customers or its products/services;
  3. Indices of “moral hazard” (misalignment of incentives and risks), with bad behavior being rewarded where it produces short-term business gains;
  4. Difficulty in asking questions/raising concerns (not just C&E* ones);
  5. Marginalization of C&E issues or personnel (and others in control functions);
  6. A lack of “organizational justice” – meaning a lack of fairness;
  7. Questionable managerial tone – not only at the top, but also in the “middle” and at the “edges”;
  8. An unreasonable pressure to perform.

* C&E = cause & effects