The World Needs a New Kind of Professor

We need professors who are engaged with the outside world, not publish-or-perish machines. This NY Times article by Nicholas Kristof referred to me by a good friend in Argentina would like to see more hi ed professors get involved in today’s great debates.

“A basic challenge is that Ph.D. programs have fostered a culture that glorifies arcane un-intelligibility while disdaining impact and audience. This culture of exclusivity is then transmitted to the next generation through the publish-or-perish tenure process. Rebels are too often crushed or driven away.”

My new university, NEU, will not require professors to do research nor will they have tenure, but they will be certainly involved in developing talent and solving real problems with their students. More on our first program (master of engineering in big data) to be launched September 2014 later.

4 thoughts on “The World Needs a New Kind of Professor

  1. Dear Lueny:I have been getting your mails , for which I am thankful.In case you have not been aware, My wife passed away a year ago, and I was left totally alone in Caracas.My only daughter lives and works in the US since many years ago, and she kept calling, me saying that I should move to the US to be closer to her.I resisted for about 6 month, but finally decided that she was right, and moved in the spring of last year to the Washington,D.C. area, and am living now in Reston,VA.I have been retired ,from the University in Caracas, for about 7 years, but I kept teaching, since that kept me occupied and this way I could help the University.Obviously , since I came to the US, I stopped teaching, but keep in touch with the venezuelan Academy of Engineering, as well as the Panamerican Academy, where we are now in the process of reviewing those to applied to become members of API.Muy congratulations on your new position, I wish you all the best !Also, although late, late me wish all the best in 2014 , with many achievements for you!!UN beso,Vladimir


    • Dear Vladimir,
      First of all my heart felt condolences. After so many years together it must be really difficult. My prayers w you and your family.
      Second, congratulations on retirement. I so look forward to it in a few years. Third, I am glad for you and your daughter that you moved close to her. Things in Venezuela are very bad and all of Puerto Rico is praying for the situation to end soon and Venezuela once again becomes a strong country in the region for the benefit of its people.
      I hope our paths cross sometime soon. Thanks for “following” me in the social networks. The experience of developing from the ground up a university w the characteristics I live is awesome and I look forward to sharing details soon. In the meantime, please stay healthy and in contact. Abrazos, Lueny


  2. Dear Lueny and Vladimir,
    Good to hear from both of you. Sorry to hear about your wife, Vladimir and congratulations to move close to your daughter, in the Washington area and also for keeping active with the Venezuelan Academy of Engineering and with the Pan American Academy. And warm congratulations to Lueny for her continuing good work through her site and for her conferences and lectures.
    I am also retired but continuing active through the IAUP( International Association of University Presidents) and now also throught the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS). And also anxious to again see you both in a future event of your academies or at mine.
    Best regards,
    Heitor Gurgulino de Souza, Former Rector of the UN University


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