Provosts vs Graduates’ Opinion on Skills Gap – Tom Friedman

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96 percent of the college provosts Gallup surveyed believed their schools were successfully preparing young people for the workplace. “When you ask recent college grads in the work force whether they felt prepared, only 14 percent say ‘yes,’ ” he added. And then when you ask business leaders whether they’re getting enough college grads with the skills they need, “only 11 percent strongly agree.”

Conclusion:  “This is not just a skills gap. It is an understanding gap.”

One thought on “Provosts vs Graduates’ Opinion on Skills Gap – Tom Friedman

  1. Of the 14%, how many were engineers. Given that we are placing almost all of our students, and engineers are less than 5% of the graduates, the other 9% must be nurses, pharmacists and a few business majors!


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