World Bank Group Session on Student Retention in Tertiary Education: Policy & Programmatic Challenges & Solutions

Date: Monday November 17, 2014 | Time: 9:30-11:00 am EST | Washington, DC

The event will be available online. Please use the following link to participate:

RSVP if you are planning to attend personally (G. Building. Room G8-090. The World Bank. Washington, DC), by sending an email to (Limited space available)

A significant challenge being faced in tertiary education across the world is related to the high dropout rates. Most countries dedicate significant efforts towards increasing access to tertiary education, but many times its impact is diminished by persistent dropout rates. On this regard, research demonstrates that all students, regardless of their socio-economic or educational background, require a variety of academic and social strategies to persist to successful degree completion in tertiary education.

During this COREHEG-World Bank Group session, the importance of successfully implementing retention policies at a national level and corresponding programs at the institutional level will be discussed. Also, the Geometric Framework for Student Retention will be presented as way to analyze and address –using a systemic approach- the barriers to student success in tertiary education. The presenter will describe the Geometric Framework for Student Retention, its original use focusing on minority students in the U.S., and its applicability in countries facing challenges of low retention. The session will evolve into a discussion of the potential policy and practical solutions aimed at reducing barriers to student success.

Presenter: Dr. Watson Scott Swail, President & CEO of the Educational Policy Institute.

WATSON SCOTT SWAILis President & CEO of the Educational Policy Institute, and is internationally recognized for his research on retention and persistence of under-represented students in higher education. He is considered an expert in the areas of school reform, college access, financial aid, and college student retention and persistence. He is well published in these areas, including 2003’sRetaining Minority Students in Higher Education (Jossey-Bass) and his most recent book, Finding Superman: Debating the Future of Public Education in America, released in June 2012 by Teachers College Press. Currently Dr. Swail writes the weekly Swail Letter on Higher Education and EPIGraph.