Launching INNOVAHiEd!

Screenshot 2014-11-24 18.48.38It is with lots of excitement and enthusiasm that I share these news with all of you! After a long career in academia and industry, and in partnership with IIDEA@IFEES and LASPAU@HarvardUniversity, I have decided to dedicate my time and energy to help institutions walk the path of continuous innovation through InnovaHiEd

Who We Are – a group of individuals who have dedicated their lives to improving higher education, especially, engineering education, many of whom are world known educators with prestigious awards and recognitions. They have transformed themselves, their institutions and higher education – and are making themselves available to help others through similar transformations.

What We Do – Our world-class award winning team can help your institution 1) assess your needs, 2) together with you, help develop your plans to address those needs, and 3) accompany you through your implementation phases, through:

  • High value meetings/brainstorming sessions
  • Focused seminars and workshops
  • Individual and group consulting/mentoring
  • Efficacious and agile follow-through via email and conference calls

We offer Mentoring & Consulting in Engineering Education Strategic Areas, including

  • Strategic Planning
  • Competency-based Curriculum Design
  • Program and Learning Outcomes Assessment
  • Learning & Teaching Environments
  • Industry-University Partnerships
  • Planning for the Research Endeavor
  • Technology for Learning
  • ABET Accreditation

Please visit our website, email us and download our brochure | | | InnovaHiEd Brochure -2 Nov 2014 |InnovaHiEd 1 page flyer Nov 2014


Helping catalyze innovation in higher education

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  1. Hi Lueny

    Congratulations on the new initiative and wish you all the very best !

    Regards… Nagarjuna

    Nagarjuna Sadineni
    Vice President – Global Immigration Management Services
    Wipro Technologies, EC 4,Tower 11, 1st Floor,
    No.72, Keonics Electronic City, Bangalore, India 560100
    Mobile : 91-98453-69331

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