23 Things Top Students Do (or why lectures are just not enough!)


According to this Lifehack article this is what they do (which helps explain why lecture is never enough!):

  1. They don’t always do all of their homework.
  2. They never “read through” the textbook.
  3. They Google EVERYTHING.
  4. They test themselves frequently.
  5. They study in short bursts, not long marathons.
  6. They reverse-engineer solved problems.
  7. They don’t own a highlighter.
  8. They sleep–a lot.
  9. They engage themselves by asking questions.
  10. They make the best out of lecture.
  11. They over-learn.
  12. They immediately study their exam mistakes.
  13. They’re busy with work and side projects.
  14. They use lecture as a detective mission.
  15. They don’t wait for motivation to strike.
  16. They practice under test conditions.
  17. They use old exams.
  18. They make their own study guides.
  19. They actually write on paper.
  20. They use the 80/20 rule.
  21. They don’t complain.
  22. They learn by doing.
  23. They take personal responsibility for learning the material.

Read the article for the author’s explanations of each.

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