Take a Peek at the First ASEE Community Engagement Film Festival 12 Video Finalists

The results of the first round of judging for the 2015 ASEE Community Engagement Film Festival (first competition!). The 12 video finalists are listed below (33 submissions). The rubric used for the evaluation may be found at:  ced.asee.org
A second round of evaluation will now take place and the two winning teams (Best Video and Most Community Impact) will be announced at the ASEE CED annual business meeting scheduled for Monday, June 15.
Enjoy the 12 video finalists below!
1.  Sieve Project – Future Families.  University of Pretoria, South Africa
2.  Cerro Patacon Panama Water Development.  University of Pittsburgh
3.  2015 Engineering Abroad Program.  Cabrillo College
4.  I Am Standing.  Loyola Marymount University
6.  Team Pyramid Ohio University
7.  Citrus Greening (HLB) Detection Sensor, University of Florida
8.  The Practical Utility Platform, Purdue University
10.  Valle Verde: Water Access Project, Rowan University
11.  Ukweli Test Strips, Penn State University