EPICS Workshop

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June 2016 Engineering Community Engagement Workshop

Co-sponsored by Louisiana State University and the EPICS program, headquartered at Purdue University

An exciting opportunity to learn about integrating community-inspired design and community engagement experiences into your engineering curriculum.

June 22 (evening reception) then 23-25, 2016 in Baton Rouge in Louisiana

(just before the ASEE Conference in New Orleans)

Participants will join the  LSU Community Playground Build on Saturday, June 25 


Marybeth Lima, Director of Community Engagement, Professor Biological and Agricultural Engineering, LSU

William C. Oakes, PE  Director of EPICS, Purdue 

Carla B. Zoltowski, PhD Co-Director of EPICS , Purdue

Maeve Drummond, EPICS University Coordinator, Purdue 

Who should attend?   Current and future faculty and instructors and partners interested in:

  •      Human-Centered Design and Design Learning
  •      Service-Learning and Community Engagement (local, national or global)
  •      Assessing Multidisciplinary Design Teams
  •      Development of Professional Skills
  •      Diversity, Student Engagement and Retention
  •      Sustaining Design Projects Across Multiple Semesters or Years
  •      Initiating and Sustaining Curricular Change

How much will it cost? $200, which includes:

  •      Bus from the New Orleans airport (departing 4:00 pm June 22) and back to ASEE hotels on Sat., June 25
  •      Reception, Wed evening
  •      All meals on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  •      Complimentary copies of Service-Learning: Engineering in Your Community by Marybeth Lima and William C. Oakes and Building Playgrounds, Engaging Communities by Marybeth Lima

Accommodations at LSU:

On-campus apartments, $60 per night