Pressure to Spend More on Poor Students

A new report suggests wealthy institutions (in this study, those with over $500m in endowment assets) should spend more from their endowments to help low-income students, but many campus critics say it’s not so simple.

I wonder who else is to gain from these assets…

Glimpse Inside the Coffers makes a strong argument, that despite what some leaders at wealthy institutions may say, dedicating more endowment assets toward supporting low-income students is sorely needed and is doable. And in some instances, increasing endowment spending by just a small fraction of a percentage point would generate enough revenue to enroll many more low-income students and reduce the price these students pay.

Read the IHE article here.


One thought on “Pressure to Spend More on Poor Students

  1. This seems to be a practical way to incentivize lower income student enrollment. I’m no expert, but it is likely that the middle class grew after WW2 because of the GI Bill. Wise use of endowments or scholarships as a path to higher education can increase socio-economic upward mobility. This is happening at SFState:


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