Attributes Employers Seek on Candidates | NACE

Although screening by GPA mostly, employers are looking for these top competencies needed on the job. Mostly the ‘soft’ skills (my red highlight – the ‘hard’skills). Engineering educators – please review curricula, learning activities & assessment methods!

Attribute Percentage of Respondents
Ability to work in a team 78.0%
Problem-solving skills 77.3%
Communication skills (written) 75.0%
Strong work ethic 72.0%
Communication skills (verbal) 70.5%
Leadership 68.9%
Initiative 65.9%
Analytical/quantitative skills 64.4%
Flexibility/adaptability 63.6%
Detail-oriented 62.1%
Interpersonal skills (relates well to others) 58.3%
Technical skills 56.8%
Computer skills 49.2%
Organizational ability 47.7%
Strategic planning skills 37.9%
Friendly/outgoing personality 25.8%
Tactfulness 25.8%
Creativity 21.2%
Entrepreneurial skills/risk-taker 19.7%
Fluency in a foreign language 4.5%

Source: Job Outlook 2017, National Association of Colleges and Employers

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