A Master in Analytics is the Ticket

The 75 students in NCSU’s Master in Analytics class of 2014 , which is nearing graduation, received, in total, 246 job offers from 55 employers. Many offered 6 digit salary offers, plus bonus! Read more here (thanks, Uriel!).

Look out for NEU’s Master of Engineering in Analytics launching next Fall of 2014! Applications page to be opened in a few days (limited to 25 seats).


Talent Challenge in the Data Analytics Revolution

Eight senior executives with big data responsibilities (AIG, American Express, Samsung Mobile, Siemens Healthcare, TD Bank, and Wal-Mart Stores) met to discuss big data challenges at their companies. This McKinsey Report outlines their findings: one of them is talent. Couple of highlights in this respect:

        “A widespread observation among participants was that the usual sources of talent—elite universities and MBA programs—are falling short. Few are developing the courses needed to turn out people with these combinations of skills”. 

        “They need more “translators”—people whose talents bridge the disciplines of IT and data, analytics, and business decision making. These translators can drive the design and execution of the overall data-analytics strategy while linking IT, analytics, and business-unit teams. Without such employees, the impact of new data strategies, tools, and methodologies, no matter how advanced, is disappointing”.

Our upcoming NEU Master in Engineering in Big Data (focused on developing these competencies) will certainly help provide them with these professionals!

The World Needs a New Kind of Professor

We need professors who are engaged with the outside world, not publish-or-perish machines. This NY Times article by Nicholas Kristof referred to me by a good friend in Argentina would like to see more hi ed professors get involved in today’s great debates.

“A basic challenge is that Ph.D. programs have fostered a culture that glorifies arcane un-intelligibility while disdaining impact and audience. This culture of exclusivity is then transmitted to the next generation through the publish-or-perish tenure process. Rebels are too often crushed or driven away.”

My new university, NEU, will not require professors to do research nor will they have tenure, but they will be certainly involved in developing talent and solving real problems with their students. More on our first program (master of engineering in big data) to be launched September 2014 later.

A New Kind of Diversity for Engineering Education

My colleague and friend, Dave Goldberg with his co-writer Mark Somerville, argue that engineering education needs to review its diversity definitions/approaches to inspire innovation: gender diversity, personality diversity and aspirational diversity. Could not agree more! At NEU we hope to address the three. Stay tuned for more as we develop this unique program in our headquarters in California!


Cybersecurity Risks & Responsibilities


NEU’s first program in our Palo Alto Campus will be a Master of Engineering in Big Data. As we move into the “big data era”, the access, storing, analyzing and sharing of data, security – cybersecurity – becomes critical. This McKinsey-WEF report outlines the risks and responsibilities to develop a robust, coordinated approach to cybersecurity.