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STEAM Faculty Development

Morell et al DevFramework WEEF-GEDC 2018

Industry-University-Government Collaboration

LMorell JEET July 2014 FINAL 53296-80105-1-PB

Prith-Rich-Lueny-IEEE Sept 2010


ASEE Corp Post Doc Final March 12 2010

Innovation @ HPL LMorell ASEE2012

ASEE Intl Forum – Full Paper v3 Panel Paper v7

Trucco, Morell, Friedrich – HPL – CIEC 2010 3-Feb-10


Open Innovation, Research, Collaboration, HP

Trucco Morell Friedrich – Open Innovation at HP Labs

Banerjee-Friedrich-Morell – Open Innovation at HPLabs

Morell – et al – Dev Next Gen Tech Leaders

Morell et al – Capacity Building in LA

Morell – HP and Eng Edu

Morell – HP PR R&D whitepaper 09-05

Morell – Trucco – Friedrich – Accelerating Innovationi at HP Labs Univ Collaborations

Engineer or Educator A False Choice ASEE PRISM – MARCH + APRIL 2011

Call for Action, Curriculum Innovation, Globalization, Economic Development, Alliances

FIE 2012 IT for Sustainability Curriculum

Proven Curriculum Innovation Model WEEF 2012

Morell L – Eng Edu in 21st Century Oct 2010

Buxeda-Morell et al – Biotech alliance for econ dev

Larrondo – Morell et al – Aligning Eng Edu for Knowledge Economies

Morell – Eng Edu Globalization and Econ Dev

Morell – Globalization and Eng Edu – Converge

Waugh-Morell et al – Why How Engage with Govt for Eng Edu and ResearchRoles, Opport and Challenges

Saliceti – Morell et al – U-I Partnership for Biotech Dev in PR

Scavarda-Morell-Jones – Eng for the Americas

Scavarda-Morell et al – Iberoamerican Summit EFTA Challenges

Morell et al – EFTA and capacity building

San Francisco’s New Start-Up is Reengineering Engineering Education_ American Society for Engineering Education

Morell- Disrupting Eng Education – WEEF 2015

Best Practice in Catalyzing Reform in Eng Edu – WEEF 2016 Seoul

IFEES 10 Years – Final Submission – Draft 1

Curriculum Innovation, Learning Factory, Hands On Learning, Industry Partners

Lamancusa – Morell et al Learning Factory Industry Partnered Learning

Morell.- Faculty and Coop Learning

Morell – 5 Things Industry Can Do to Help Educate Better Engrs

Morell – Industrys Contribution to Educate Engineers

Morell – Integrating research and LF model

Morell – Intl Alliances to Strengthen Eng Edu

Morell – Learning Factory at UPRM 10 years

Morell – Making Partnership Work

Morell – NASA 2001Annual Report

Morell – SkillsForTheMillennium

Morell-Johnson et al – a Decade of Partnership

Morell-Transforming EE 21st Cent

Engineering Education, Active Learning

Morell – DeBoer – Eng Prof 2020

Morell – Engineering Eng Edu – SEFI

Morell – et al – IFEES – Enhancing Eng Edu at a Global Scale

Morell – Eng Edu in 21st Cent

Morell-Velazquez – Coop Learning and Student Success

Morell et al – Eng Edu Societies Global

Morell et al – Curr Revision and Student Learning


EngLeaders Final

Triple-Helix_and_International_Collabora FINAL

Diversity, Women in Engineering

Davis – Morell et al – Promoting diversity

Eugene DeLoatch – Morell – Diversity

LMorell WiE 2002 study

Outcomes Assessment and Accreditation

Morell et al – Outcomes and QA – Heart of US Accreditation

Sharma-Morell-Vazquez ABET 2000 at UPRM

Morell et al – Tools for Assessing Innovations

Morell et al – Curr Innov Outcomes Assess and ABET 2000

Morell et al – Assessment Tools


Grose – Staying on Track

For videos used in presentations and workshops, please contact Lueny.

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  1. Dear Morell.
    I’m student of Master degree in Education here in Brazil. I need you paper: .Morell, Lueny and Jennifer Deboer, Engineer or Educator? A False Choice, ASEE PRISM, March-April, 2011.
    Is it possible you send it to my email? (


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