Lueny’s Family


Family Dec 2016







Waldemar J. Ramírez-Beiso, aka Waldy (husband, also engineer and university professor)

Juan A. Ramírez-Morell, aka Tonio (son, also an engineer), his wife, Melissa Wheeler-Goyco (an MD), and grand-daughters Damia and Laria

Ana C. Ramírez-Morell, aka Caro (daughter, clinical psychologist), her husband, Jaime L. Vázquez-Smith, aka Tino (digital and media engineer), and grand-children, Luis Pablo, Jaime Enrique and Lara Elisa (last two are twins!)

Gabriel A. Ramírez-Morell aka Gaby (son, majored in Biology and attending grad school – aspiring psychologist))

Enilda Bobadilla-Pérez, aka Abuela, Bella, Yeya (mother, grandmother, grand-grandmother)



2 thoughts on “Lueny’s Family

  1. Mi querida amiga Lueny;Solo cabe un comentario en tu caso:Un abella familia y ademas seria e inteligente!!Que Dios les conceda todo lo mejor en esta vida,Vladimir, Amigo siempre!!


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