U. of Georgia Bets $4.4 Million That Small Classes Can Bolster Learning (CHE)

The University of Georgia will hire more teaching-focused faculty members and cut enrollments in hundreds of courses.

This has worked for UPRM for decades!

Read the CHE article (requires suscription) here. Email me (innovahied@gmail.com) if you’d like a personal copy.

Colleges Reinvent Classes to Keep More Students in Science

Making classes more interactive and fun… And teaching teachers how to teach. What would take for all of higher education to do this? Read UC Davis’s approach in this NY Times article here. At UPRM we’ve been doing this for years – no wonder so many companies come to recruit our graduates.

INNODOCT/13 Call for Papers

From Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (I visited last week) comes this unique Call for Papers for a conference to be held totally on-line.


We are pleased to announce INNODOCT/13, the virtual International Conference on Innovation, Documentation and Teaching Technologies, that will be held on-line in Valencia, Spain, on 6-7 May, 2013

The conference aims at providing a forum for academics and practitioners to come together to share research, discuss ideas, present projects, results and challenges related to New Information and Communication Technologies, Innovations and Methodologies applied to Education and Research. Abstracts should be submitted to the conference web site no later than 8th of February, 2013. All accepted papers will be published in an ISBN publication. In addition, the best 20 works will be presented in video (presentations must be sent on paper, in addition all the presentations sent in video will be also uploaded in the web, although the videos will be optional for the accepted papers). A prestigious publishing company will publish the best works in a publication/book.  

For inquiries, please contact Fernando Garrigós @ (+34)655.68.72.99, send email to innodoct@upv.es or visit the conference web site at http://innodoct.webs.upv.es 




Defining “internationalization” (CHE)

For some regions/countries it means synchronizing countries’ university-degree systems and internationalizing the curriculum. For others it means the bringing in foreign students and sending students overseas, and, the recruitment of foreign faculty. According to the author of this article in the US internationalization means studying abroad and the establishment of high-profile branch campuses; and in Britain, the international focus has been centered on the recruitment of overseas students (now increasingly turning to business and research links).

What is your definition?

Read the article at http://chronicle.com/blogs/worldwise/how-do-you-define-internationalization/31114?cid=pm&utm_source=pm&utm_medium=en