Are We Obsessed with University Rankings?

“It would be naive to assume that rankings will lose their importance in the future. However, while recognizing that they are here to stay, we must be aware of their many limitations, their intended and unintended biases, and their convenience-based usage by institutions and even national governments.”

BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2016


BRICS and Emerging Economies Rankings 2016 methodology

According to the TimesHigherEducation, overall, China is the most-represented nation, with 39 institutions in the extended top 200 list of higher education institutions in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa and 30 other “emerging economies”.

2016 rank Institution Country
1 Peking University China
2 Tsinghua University China
3 Lomonosov Moscow State University Russian Federation
4 University of Cape Town South Africa
5 National Taiwan University Taiwan
6 University of the Witwatersrand South Africa
7 University of Science and Technology of China China
8 Zhejiang University China
9 University of São Paulo Brazil
10 Shanghai Jiao Tong University China

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U. of Georgia Bets $4.4 Million That Small Classes Can Bolster Learning (CHE)

The University of Georgia will hire more teaching-focused faculty members and cut enrollments in hundreds of courses.

This has worked for UPRM for decades!

Read the CHE article (requires suscription) here. Email me ( if you’d like a personal copy.

Nanodegrees Disrupting Higher Education

Nanodegrees in higher edLearning whatever, whenever, wherever, however will be the way people will learn  in the future. I foresee an unimaginable big smorgasbord of learning opportunities customized to the learner needs. This Campus Technology article describes how new “micro” online certification programs are changing the educational pathways to success in certain industries. Change is coming and higher education cannot avoid it.