More Publications with International PostDocs

This IHE article briefs the result of a study that analyzed a database of American and foreign doctoral students at 2,300 science and engineering departments in the U.S. from 1973 to 1998. They looked at how many publications were produced each year and at the number of citations garnered by the papers.  Findings: Science and engineering departments with doctoral students from several different countries tend to produce more publications and to get more citations, a new study has found. When scholars are drawn from across the world, they bring complementary skills and ideas that aid research.

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Post Docs Best Practices (from CRA)

The Computing Research Association has adopted a set of “best practices” for postdocs, the result of work done by Anita Jones and Erwin Gianchandani under the auspices of CRA’s Computing Community Consortium. Excellent guidelines to consider by those mentoring post docs!
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