What Matters to You and Why?

Looking for ideas to consider for my new school’s admissions process I came up with this Forbes article that discusses the Stanford’s Business School 750 word essay. It was not the essay (a typical requirement) but actually the questions asked to be answered what I found great: What matters the most to you? And, Why? I think these questions ought to be answered and written by every young person. Reflections like these may be helpful in deciding career pathways, leveraging strengths and addressing opportunities for improvement, not only in career but also in life. I believe that this essay is also a very simple way for others to learn about you. And, as I have learned by experience, knowing and accepting yourself and others is the foundation of all relationships.

This is a promise: I will write my own 750 word essay in the next few days and post it in my blog!

Three California Universities Awarded Grant to Spur Innovation

From the ASEE newsletter – Three universities – the University of California, Berkeley, UC San Francisco, and Stanford University – will work together to promote and commercialized innovative ideas. The NSF money will help the schools develop new ideas and get them quickly to market.

San Francisco Business Times

Stanford Alumni Have Created $3 Trillion in Economic Impact

Stanford has just released a study by two professors that indicates that the university’s alumni generate trillions in annual revenue and have created 5.4 million jobs since the 1930s.  The study (the result of an alumni survey in which I participated) puts into perspective the sheer scale of the university’s economic impact, not just in Silicon Valley and California, but across the globe. How Stanford is able to do this? Through its open, flexible, multidisciplinary, entrepreneurial learning experiences.

Read the news release and download the report at http://engineering.stanford.edu/press/study-reports-stanford-alumni-create-nearly-3-trillion-economic-impact.

Way to go, Stanford!

Computer Science – the Most Popular Major at Stanford

Wow! For the first time ever in 2012, the number of Stanford students specializing in computer science is bigger than those in human biology, a long-standing favorite, 380 to 329, according to a new analysis by the university. Engineering ranks third, with 250 students. http://www.mercurynews.com/education/ci_21175486/computer-science-becomes-stanfords-most-popular-major

New curriculum proposal @ Stanford emphasizes critical thinking vs content

From the Chronicle of Higher Education,  January 26 2012, by Dan Berrett

“Stanford University is unveiling a set of 55 recommendations to place a priority on teaching undergraduates a set of skills in addition to requiring them to take courses in specific disciplines. The changes, which were drafted by a 17-member committee (chiefly from the faculty), are in a report that is being presented to the Faculty Senate for review.

It is the first top-to-bottom revision to Stanford’s undergraduate curriculum since the 1993-94 academic year. The focus on core skills in addition to disciplinary content reflects the idea that Stanford should develop students’ abilities to continue learning throughout their lives and adapt to a changing world after their formal education has ended.”

CHE – Stanford Remakes Curriculum Jan 26 2012