Intersections Promise to Drive Multiple Paradigm Shifts

Worth reading to see what the future will bring and where innovation opportunities are.

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Since the time I completed this post on Disruptive Power and Intersections, it continues to receive attention. It is by far the most effective component of any Future Thinking effort. Given the continued traffic to this two year old post, I am updating with current content. By way of reminder, the anchor emerging futures visual is available via this PDF. An expansion of the science and technology foundation is visualized via this PDF. The visual below connects the intersections of 8 combinatorial scenarios. This is not an exhaustive set of connections; it is strictly intended to describe the scenarios at a high level. This visual can be downloaded via this PDF.disruptive-power

Figure 1: Intersections amplify both power and impact

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Stanford Catalyst for Collaborative Solutions focuses on 10 global challenges

Stanford Engineering conducted its school-wide strategic planning program two years ago – one of the main outcomes was the identification of 10 major global challenges on which it would like to have a significant impact.

Research engineer Jennifer Hicks (facing) in discussion with Ilenia Battiato, assistant professor of energy resources engineering

Senior research engineer Jennifer Hicks, right, in discussion with Ilenia Battiato, assistant professor of energy resources engineering, at a workshop in the designed to help faculty meet one another and start to identify common research interests as part of the Stanford Catalyst for Collaborative Solutions. (Image credit: L.A. Cicero)


The Stanford Catalyst for Collaborative Solutions plans to award $12 million to four interdisciplinary teams, each committed to working in collaboration on projects that will make headway on one of 10 global challenges.