IFEES @ 10 Years

screenshot-2016-10-17-11-58-47“Dear colleagues and friends of the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES) community:

It gives me a great pleasure to share this 10th Anniversary booklet with all of you. We deeply value and appreciate the support of our friend Xavier Fouger from Dassault Systémes who agreed to publish this booklet. Please share it with the members of your respective communities. We will also be sharing hard copies of the booklet in Seoul next month and will be sending some via mail.

I look forward to see many of you during our forthcoming IFEES Awards and Anniversary celebration dinner in Seoul”.

Hans J. Hoyer, IFEES Secretary General

Click on the image above or here to view/read the anniversary booklet.


10 Habits of Utterly Authentic People (WEF)

Authentic people (according to this WEF article) are deeply in tune with who they are and what they want.


Read the World Economic Forum article here. Awesome list one should carefully read and share with family, friends and colleagues. Excellent also to share with higher education students.

Which Countries are Best at Converting Economic Growth into Well Being?

A new way of measuring progress – Researchers at the Boston Consulting Group have found an alternative: the Sustainable Economic Development Assessment (SEDA). The index tracks 160 countries across three elements: economics, sustainability and investment. These elements are made up of 10 dimensions, which include factors such as income equality, health, education and infrastructure.


Read the article here.