Tsinghua University Tech Park – Next Silicon Valley?

China is raising the bar to become a technological giant.  “The key to whether China eventually becomes a world superpower — competing with the United States and Europe — is innovation,” Ta-lin Hsu, founder and chairman of Palo Alto-based H&Q Asia Pacific. By the way, HP Labs has a research lab at Tsinghua University Tech Park.


3 thoughts on “Tsinghua University Tech Park – Next Silicon Valley?

  1. Thanks for sharing this. This is happening while here in California the Governor has proposed to cut State funds for a second year science requirements in High Schools.


    • Hi Mohammad,

      The US is falling behind big time… and few understand the magnitude of the problem and the urgency of addressing solutions. Thanks for your comments.



  2. Thank you Lueny for sending this. I also know that they are building a Science City in South China in Nanjing which is going to be another Silicon Valley and a Biotech Park.

    Mohammad Noori


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