Tom Friedman on MOOCs

From the NY Times March 6th: Tom reflects on a recent Conference at M.I.T. and Harvard on “Online Learning and the Future of Residential Education”. His takeaways:

  • We are moving to a more competency-based world, where there will be less interest in how you acquired the competency — in an online course, at a four-year-college or in a company-administered class — and more demand to prove that you mastered the competency.” YES!
  • “… strong consensus that this “blended model” combining online lectures with a teacher-led classroom experience was the ideal.” YES!
  • “The world of MOOCs is creating a competition that will force every professor to improve his or her pedagogy or face an online competitor.” YES!
  • Bottom line: “There is still huge value in the residential college experience and the teacher-student and student-student interactions it facilitates. But to thrive, universities will have to nurture even more of those unique experiences while blending in technology to improve education outcomes in measurable ways at lower costs. We still need more research on what works, but standing still is not an option.” YES!

Worth reading several times…