Looking for Engineers as Teachers

Great summer opportunity! NEU‘s AAC member, Robin Mansukhani, co-founder of a summer engineering program for high school students called BlueStamp Engineering has asked me to share this.
They have 1-2 positions (leading instructor and TA) open in SF, NYC, Houston, and Denver.  Typically Instructors have graduated or are enrolled in a masters or Ph.D program.  TA’s are typically a mix of undergraduate or graduate students studying electrical, mechanical, or computer engineering.  The most common trait of  instructors is that they have project experience having built things from start to finish, combined with teaching experience. The instructor position pays $6,500 for the summer and the TA position pays roughly ~$4K.  Both positions offer up to a 20% merit based bonus in addition to the base pay.
All job descriptions and applications can be found here: http://www.bluestampengineering.com/services-view/apply-as-an-instructor/. Please pass along to any engineers you feel would be a good fit.