Engineering Grand Challenges SPEED Survey

The Student Platform for Engineering Education Devlopment (SPEED) has opened a new survey on the Engineering Grand Challenges of the 21st Century. Please take a moment to complete this important survey to provide your opinion on these challenges.

Remembering that the basic aim of an engineer is to IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR HUMANS, as expressed by Achilles Gay, we invite you to answer our international survey “Grand Challenges for Engineering”, with which you can enter a global discussion on how engineering could help to address current scientific and social issues.

Your opinion does matter!! as well as know the global challenges will benefit us professionally because it will help us in order to find many possibilities in order to provide solutions to these challenges and you will discover action fields that have a greater impact on the world.

Also share the links in your professional and social platforms! It would be great to hear more from your country.

You will have the chance to win a digital camera or a Bluetooth speaker!

P.S. more information on our next Global Student Forum will be out soon!

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Vice President

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