Report on US Faculty Pay

According to the American Association of University Professors’ Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession, faculty pay is up 2.2. percent, or 1.4 percent adjusted for inflation. Yet faculty salaries remain much lower than many of those in the business world, and make up just a fraction of institutional expenditures. Read the InsideHiEd article here and access the report database searchable by institution, rank, state and more here. Look for the AAUP report here.

2 thoughts on “Report on US Faculty Pay

  1. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I would like to ad that in California State University system faculty have not received ANY raises for close to 9 years! Considering g the rate of inflation this means they have had significant salary reduction! At the same time since the salary of adminstrator’s come from a different “pool” (this is California!) they have received raises during the same period. So the gap the two tier system gap has been widened. Needless to say the cost of living in California has increased by more than 5%.


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