A Poem by a Workshop Attendee

I am inspired! Last week I went to Aruba to facilitate a 2 day workshop with University of Aruba and the Instituto Pedagógico de Aruba organized by Laspau @ Harvard University. One of the workshop attendees, Clementia Eugene, had wrote this poem I am sharing with all of you, after a previous experience. What a Christmas gift!

Motivated radiant student

 ~ Clementia Eugene

Please, Please, Oh Please!

I beseech you

Do NOT utter

This course has a status of being tough

Students pass, on the second and final lap

Expect to work harder

More than any other course on campus

I pray, Oh triumphant God

That you tell

Your profession is simply the best

Demonstrate passion and enthusiasm

Exude positive energy

Flood the classroom with virtuous vibes

Through interactive and active learning

I beg you

Tell of the intrinsic value


 Personal growth and satisfaction

Where gratitude abounds  

I, ask the angels and saints

To inspire you

To tell of the extrinsic rewards

That education is power

Unlocking doors of possibilities

Social mobility guaranteed

Living the life they have reason to value

Achieving their career goal

I, implore the Universal God

To coach you

Tell the success stories of alumni

That you believe in their potential

Tell of your efficacy expectancy

Positive outcome expectancies

Balancing the cognitive study load

And then, your students

Motivated, inspired, goal oriented

Performance driven

Will shine, like the radiant sun

18th Oct 2015

(Inspired by LAUSPAU Program on Teacher Professional Development,

Module No. 2 Principles of Student Learning and Student Retention)