How college loans exploit students for profit


“Once upon a time in America,” says professor Sajay Samuel, “going to college did not mean graduating with debt.” Today, higher education has become a consumer product — costs have skyrocketed, saddling students with a combined debt of over $1 trillion, while universities and loan companies make massive profits. Samuel proposes a radical solution: link tuition costs to a degree’s expected earnings, so that students can make informed decisions about their future, restore their love of learning and contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

I’ve always believed that Universities are the biggest most profitable “business” in the US and other countries – have had big discussions about this with colleagues. This presentation confirms my point. I agree with Sajay Samuel that somehow the business model has to change and those accountable need to transform themselves to place the student at the center. PUNTO.


One thought on “How college loans exploit students for profit

  1. This is a timely and logical idea. In the rapidly changing world driven by technological innovations, we need radical changes in higher education and this approach is a thoughtful suggestion that helps us produce graduates that the changing economy and the new world demands.


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