Forward-Looking Boards

McKinsey Report on the need to have Executive Boards go beyond providing feedback on control and fiduciary issues to dedicate more time in shaping the future. I believe these recommendations also apply to other kinds of boards (e.g., universities’ industry advisory boards). Click on the image below to see what a forward-looking board should spend their time on:

Screenshot 2014-02-24 16.26.22

The World Needs a New Kind of Professor

We need professors who are engaged with the outside world, not publish-or-perish machines. This NY Times article by Nicholas Kristof referred to me by a good friend in Argentina would like to see more hi ed professors get involved in today’s great debates.

“A basic challenge is that Ph.D. programs have fostered a culture that glorifies arcane un-intelligibility while disdaining impact and audience. This culture of exclusivity is then transmitted to the next generation through the publish-or-perish tenure process. Rebels are too often crushed or driven away.”

My new university, NEU, will not require professors to do research nor will they have tenure, but they will be certainly involved in developing talent and solving real problems with their students. More on our first program (master of engineering in big data) to be launched September 2014 later.

Big Data’s Role in Civilization 3.0

A recent LinkedIn post from , Head of Unit, Regional Dimension of Innovation at European Commission alerted me about this article. Interesting how social networks is driving civilization to another level. Must read for those developing engineering/IT curricula.