Workshops are tailored for engineering faculty and deans interested in renovating their engineering programs to better serve their country/region’s needs.  Faculty from related disciplines and graduate students interested in pursuing academic careers are also strongly encouraged to attend. Workshops provide a space and time for faculty and deans to learn about engineering education issues, revamping its curricula, effective teaching/learning methods and become aware of best practices so they can become more effective educators.

Delivered by an experienced, award winning team of academic and industry leaders, these workshops describe the importance of bottoms-up innovations enhanced by top-down leadership support working in partnership with industry stakeholders.

Workshops involve a combination of theory and practice with active learning throughout. Attendees are expected to work in teams, share and interact with others.  We offer four levels of workshops described below which can be customized to specific groups’ needs.


3 thoughts on “Workshops

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  2. Buenos días! Dra Morell… Quería felicitarla por la charla del pasado lunes en el aniversario de la Agencia de Publicidad – Veintinueve de febrero. Fue realmente un placer!

    Sólo tengo una pregunta, cuando se refirió al invento (inodoro) – la pregunta fue la invensión que nos dió mayor problema o mayor ayuda?… Es que lamentablemente, me perdí su explicación y quedé muy curiosa.

    Saludos cordiales,
    Ana Carolina Ricón


    • Gracias por sus amables palabras, Ana Carolina (te llamas igual que mi hija)! Es la invención que más ha ayudado a la humanidad por haber reducido continaminación de desperdicios humanos.


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