HP’s MyRoom – check it out!

I just learned about this cool new HP technology you can start using NOW to chat with colleagues, friends and family (need internet connection)! You can:

  • Meet friends and family face to face with web conferencing
  • Stay in touch using text chat
  • Show what you’re seeing through screen sharing
  • Create a room where you can upload files and share them with friends!
  • Use File Transfer to quickly and easily share your stuff!
  • Personalize your profile with a picture!

More infomation, a video and downloading at http://www.myroom.hp.com/.

New from HP! Free, Online Training Program for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

HP is delighted to announce the launch of HP LIFE e-Learning,  the new, free online training program designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners to develop their IT and business skills anytime, anywhere. 

This new offering is the first e-learning content hosted on an HP hybrid delivery Converged Cloud Infrastructure. 

To date, working with 340 training centers in 49 countries, the existing HP LIFE program has helped to establish and expand over 19,700 businesses and to employ approxi­mately 42,900 people. With the new e-Learning concept, we plan to reach many more students and entrepreneurs around the world as well as enhance current training centers’ offerings.

Engaged students and entrepreneurs will now be able to tap into interactive, hands-on courses in an environment that supports peer collaboration and online access to up-to-date resources wherever they are and whenever they want. There is even the opportunity of receiving e-mentorship from HP Experts, based on levels of engagement with the HP LIFE e-Learning program as one of the next steps.

The initial online offering is in English, but more courses will come in the next months as well in additional languages and applications for a variety of mobile devices.

HP LIFE e-Learning   demonstrates HP’s continued commitment, to help people grow and improve their businesses and the communities in which they live, applying most innovative technology solutions. 

Take a look at the HP LIFE e-Learning video and learn more about the first HP LIFE e-Learning modules – more to come in the next couple of months! Visit us also on the  HP LIFE Facebook fan page. You will probably become our 10,000th fan!

NEW! HP Institute: a Unique Academic Partnership Program

HP Institute is an academic partnership program that provides students with the business-ready IT skills that industry needs.  Through the HP Institute program, HP makes it easy for academic institutions to enhance their degree programs with industry context and practical experience that will differentiate their graduates as they enter the workforce.  The HP offering includes a complete curriculum, a practice test that prepares students for an industry recognized certification, and hands-on lab experiences that enable a student to design and implement an entire end to end IT solution for a small or medium business company.  HP has packaged the complete learning solution into an ATA (Accredited Technical Associate) certification.  There are four academic courses available: 

  • Connected Devices provides the ability to discover a company’s business objectives and design a multi-device, connected client solution incorporating PCs, tablets, mobile internet clients.
  • Networks provides the ability to translate the business objectives of a company into a technology strategy and design a secure wired and wireless network solution.
  • Servers & Storage provides the ability to discover a company’s business objectives and to design a design an appropriate server, storage and application solution.
  • Cloud provides the ability to translate a company’s business objectives into a technology strategy and to design end-to-end IT solutions that include on-site, hosted and cloud based solutions in a small and medium business environment.

HP is the first IT vendor to provide an IT architecture certification including practical experience and job-ready skills into an academic setting.  Working with education enables HP to ensure continuous availability of talent that has precisely the skill and expertise that IT and business leaders need to achieve their business objectives.

For more information and a free 30-day trial visit: www.hp.com/go/institute and www.certiport.com/hp30 

Youtube video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwIHncvmLJs 

Contacts: Lueny Morell (lueny.morell@hp.com) and Brian Beneda (brian.beneda@hp.com)